You are in the room of Satisfaction.

This large room is packed with all manner of delights! Everything you could wish to satisfy your physical appetites.

There are men, women and children all beckoning you to take your pick and enter behind a golden curtain to have what they say is 'the time of your life'.

In one corner is a small group of people who are high on some kind of powerful drug and in another corner is a table surrounded by gamblers all playing poker, drinking lots of alcohol and with huge piles of cash infront of them.

Suddenly, you realize that there are no doors in this room. You are trapped for better or for worse.

What will you do ?

  1. Choose the man,woman or child of your desires and go behind the golden curtain with them.
  2. Join the group smoking drugs.
  3. Join the gamblers.
  4. Wait for something to happen.