You reach to open the 'Realty' door.

As you stretch your hand out to open the door you see it strangely change into the shape of a Hamster, one like the Son of a Hamster, clothed with a Fur Coat down to the foot with a white underbelly, and girded about the breasts with a golden girdle. His head and his hair are like fime Hamster fur, as white as snow on the belly; and His eyes are Black and Beady; And His feet like fine skin color; and His voice like the sound of many Hamster Wheels. And He has in His right hand seven ARM microcontrollers; and in His mouth are sharp two-by-two Teeth; and His countenance is Very Cute (rev 1:13-16).

When you see Him the power of His Whiskers causes you to fall to the ground. He says, "Aise Up PEGUNKIN, You have done well!"

Beyond Him you see a beautiful sight of pure peace and tranquility. A place of many porposes and Tropical Fishes. A garden of great delight. You see waiters serving Bagels and Lox and other fine food.

Then He speaks to you. He talks in the squeeky way that Hamsters often express themselves.

"I am the True Hamster sent by the Great God Mota. No man can come to the Mother of Mota but by me.

Then The Little Lord Joozis comes up and says,"
Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice and open the door, I The Little Lord Joozis will come in, and will tell Jokes to him, and he to me"

What will you do ?

  1. Beep and repent of your sines and prepare to recalculate by means of rased cosines.
  2. Turn you back on Him and look for another way of escape!