You wait for something to happen.

As you sit and wait you start to smell rotting food. The stench makes you feel sick. You realize it is the food that was on the table. Now the table has become a coffin to opulance.

You also notice the pictures. All the desires of your heart that were portrayed in them suddenly appear as spectres,a haunting memory of the seemingly glorious past.

And that's not all, the door that was your favourite is suddenly stripped bare to reveal a maggot-infested wooden skeleton of a door. The golden door starts to be engulfed with blue flames that warp and distort it's appearance so that it becomes gnarled and ugly. In the furnace the gold is revealed as being fools gold. Then as suddenly as they started, the flames stopped.

The black curtains rot and fall off the rails to reveal an ugly landscape of twisted bodies as if frozen by the flow of lava. Even the chair you sit on starts to be riddled with termites and can no longer take your weight. You collapse in a heap with the mangled remains of your once favourite chair.

Then everything goes back to just the way it was before! The food again looks delicious, the doors look inviting, the chair is revived and the pictures show forth their prized articles. The curtains spring back to their deceptive stance once more. The mask has been pulled of and embarrasingly replaced once again.

But, looking at the 'Reality' door, you see that all the time there has been no change. Indeed, all that changes is your appreciation of that door. It seems to emanate a strange warmth, and invisible waves of joy appear to reach forth from this portal of salvation.

With a flash of sudden lightning,a torturous cross is blazed to the wood of the door and the voice comes again - gentler and more compassionate, "I am the door; by me if any man enter in he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture."

You cry our,'Who are you ?'. But there is no response. What will you do ?

  1. Open the 'Reality' door.
  2. Open the 'Satisfaction door'.
  3. Open the 'More of the Same' door.
  4. Look through the curtains.
  5. Eat the rotten food.