Jeez fer Joozis

Warriors of the Gungle

Part one in a never ending Series of Silly Adventures.

Your mission is to fight your way through the land of the Pegunkins to become a Warrior of the Gungle. Then, joining General Dynamical's army you are to overcome the forces of SNERD until you stand on the Rock and sail away to your destiny!

May the Lord Roscoe be with you in your quest.


"Welcome Pegunkin!".

The deep,almost robotic voice echoes around the spacious room you are in. It could be coming from the ceiling, or the walls or...all of the room seems to be calling out to you!

Looking around the room, it seems strangely familiar. On a huge metallic table in the middle of the room lies a sumptuous spread of your favourite food. Pictures of your most desired possessions hang on every wall, with you pictured next to them. Indeed , it appears to be a room of your desires!

There are three doors each in a different wall. The wall with no door has a window with black curtains which are drawn. The three doors have different names written on them... 'More of the same.'(your favourite type of door),'Reality.'(a stark,weathered old wooden door) and 'This way for true satisfaction - no worries or problems.' (a golden,shining,beckoning door).

"Choose wisely!", again the voice echoes.

Vague memories flicker back to your consciousness. You cannot fully remember who you are, but you remember you have a spouse and children. Their faces briefly fill your imagination. You have or had a good job, you recall that. Life seemed to be going well. But a black scar marrs your memory. You recoil as you remember the darkness! The hooded figure. The fight in your living room. The gun shots. The blood. The pain. The.... darkness.

You sit down heavily on your favourite arm chair, wondering how that got here, and ponder. What should you do ?

Click on your choice...and choose wisely!

  1. Eat some food.
  2. Wait for something to happen.
  3. Open the curtains and look through the window.
  4. Open the door 'Reality'.
  5. Open the door 'More of the same.'
  6. Open the door 'This way for true satisfaction.'

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